The Sprint Cutting Advantage

Sprint Cutting employs a fibre laser cutter that uses light created by banks of diodes. The light is channelled and amplified through a series of fibre optic cables similar to those used for data transfer. In terms of light transmission and application as a cutter this is 200% more effective than traditional CO2 laser cutters.


Laser Cutting Specifications

Sprint Cutting cuts a range of materials quickly with the highest possible degree of accuracy.

Material Cutting Thickness
Brass 0.5mm – 12mm
Copper 0.5mm – 12mm
Aluminium 0.5mm – 30mm
Stainless Steel 0.5mm – 30mm
Q&T 0.5mm – 25mm
Mild Steel 0.5mm – 25mm
Overlay Plate Please enquire

The fibre laser also operates at much higher speeds compared to a CO2 laser. The lack of heat is also a distinct advantage thus removing any risk of warping or discolouration of the materials being cut.

Another advantage of a fibre laser cutter is the ability to cut reflective materials without fear of back reflections damage. This allows copper, brass and aluminium to be cut without
any difficulties.


Sprint Cutting Waterjet Cutter

Our waterjet cutting machinery is able to perform precise cutting and shaping of various materials and may be preferable when a soft or round edge is specified as opposed to a sharper edge that is created with laser cutting.

The waterjet equipment allows a range of different jet strengths to be selected to account for the texture and sensitivity of the material being cut. For example, high powered jets, such as high pressure water cutting machines may be utilized to precisely and cleanly slice through metals such as titanium while more gentle jets work effectively for glass, wood and ceramic.

As the waterjet cutting process does not generation heat any warping or discoloration of the material being cut can also be avoided.

Water Jet Cutting Specifications

Material Cutting Thickness
Potentially any material eg. glass, plastic, exotic metal, stone and tile, rubber, plasterboard, leather, fibreglass, and foam etc. Up to 150mm